Take a Deep Breath…

Just in case you are not a Med Student, let me take this time to explain how residency works (because having a team of them visiting me every day for 33 days straight makes me an expert 🙂 ). At the beginning of the month, a team of about 5 residents is assigned to aContinue reading “Take a Deep Breath…”

Independence Day

OK — so I think I am ready to tell you a secret I have been keeping for 4 days. I am still trying to decide exactly how I feel about it, so sharing the information with others seems…premature? But here it is: I’m “done”. You may be wondering what that means, exactly. I haveContinue reading “Independence Day”


I “came to” in ICU on March 1st after being semi-unconscious and intubated for about a week. I remember it very distinctly, though my perception of reality was most likely not very accurate. I didn’t remember going to ICU or WHY I was in there. I didn’t see anyone in the room that I recognized.Continue reading “REVOLUTION TIME…”

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