Today’s “The Day”

Before I got out of bed this morning I wrote a whole blog, in my head, on “cussing.” But then I remembered what day it was and so you will have to tune in another time to hear my thoughts on that topic. Because today is February 6th. Today’s “the day”. Today’s the day thatContinue reading “Today’s “The Day””

On Editing…

My Editor (ok—my mom) and I have been going through my past blogs preparing them for the book. It’s been fun to re-read them, but I definitely saw a pattern. When you read them back to back to back, you notice things. One might notice that there is a common thread of my struggle withContinue reading “On Editing…”

Are All Your Cards On The Table?

Several years ago my husband and I led a Small Group. For those of you who are part of a contemporary church, you probably already know what that is. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, it’s essentially a group of people that meet together on a regular basis and is, um, small. The ideaContinue reading “Are All Your Cards On The Table?”

Let’s Talk About Trump…

Let’s just take a few minutes to talk about Donald Trump. My own heart rate is accelerating from the surge of blood pressure rising in my readers. For some of you, it’s because the mere mention of this name sparks a physical reaction in you. For others, it’s because you are thinking, “Oh honey, don’tContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Trump…”

“I Can’t Stop This Feeling…”

“Lord-help me! I feel many things today, which I guess is better than feeling nothing. Not sure. But looking at my list of emotions, I feel: dreading, fearful, anxious, worried, insecure, rejected, distrusting, suspicious, disturbed, overwhelmed, uncomfortable, hurt, lonely, defeated, bored, exhausted, depressed, sad, disappointed, disappointing, irritated, envious, preoccupied, weary, restless, frustrated, annoyed. That’s aContinue reading ““I Can’t Stop This Feeling…””

Shopping for Jeans

Today is the first day of a new year. I am happy to say that in the past few year I have been able to overcome, whether it be intentional or not, the urge to create a list of “Resolutions” (read: “unreasonably high expectations for myself and others”). No judgment on anyone who chooses toContinue reading “Shopping for Jeans”

“”Peace on Earth”-For Real?

After approximately 40 years of Christmas Sermons and reading banners or singing songs declaring “Peace on Earth”, I finally get it (thank you punk-kid preacher from this past Sunday. I  say “punk-kid” in the most complimentary way possible. He looked about 17). Because, seriously, who are we kidding if we believe that God indeed broughtContinue reading ““”Peace on Earth”-For Real?”

Party Pontifications

Good news! I did it. I left the party early. I know I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. That was my first mistake. But my guard was down and I just bounded into the room without thinking. It wasn’t long before I realized I was headed for a day filled with regretContinue reading “Party Pontifications”

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