A Revelation (a.k.a. “Duh”)

I think I have mentioned before that I am a little slow on the uptake. Here’s yet another example of a truth I have held onto over the years that isn’t actually true. As a result, I have been frequently disappointed but most embarrassingly, I am guilty of attempting to manipulate God into doing forContinue reading “A Revelation (a.k.a. “Duh”)”

Twisted Sister

A friend and I were throwing around ideas about titles for the book I am working on. I was wondering out loud how to concisely communicate that I am a messed up, broken, often immature girl with a lot to say….hmmm. After a few ideas that might offend, she said, “How about ‘Twisted Sister’?” ItContinue reading “Twisted Sister”

Keeping It Simple…(a.k.a. Strawberry Fruit Snack)

I was at the dentist yesterday. I have mentioned before how amazing my “Dental Spa” is. Besides having amazing attitudes about a not-so-fun job, they go the extra mile when dealing with a frightened child who has anxiety about having dental work done (and in this case, I am not talking about myself…). Apparently, theContinue reading “Keeping It Simple…(a.k.a. Strawberry Fruit Snack)”

Embrace The Madness

March Madness. In our house it’s almost considered a holiday. When my husband was in college, he would actually grow his hair out all year and ceremoniously shave it the day March Madness began (I am speaking of a month long frenzy of college basketball play-offs, in case you are not the sporty type orContinue reading “Embrace The Madness”

The “Good and Lovely” Game

Something I am realizing as I get older is that it is quite possible that even though my skin is sagging and my hair is a bit more silver, my insides might always remain about twelve—as in twelve years old. I remember being twenty and anticipating the day I turned 30. How I would finallyContinue reading “The “Good and Lovely” Game”

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