Welcome to the crazy that is my soul. On some level aren’t we all about one step away from crazy? I started writing because I had Leukemia. I was very sick and wanted to keep everyone posted on my progress and occasional set-backs. I keep writing for the same reasons. I am still very “sick” and I want to keep you posted on my progress and occasional set-backs. Now that the Leukemia has ceased dominating my life,  I am acutely aware of a chronic soul-sickness that I am pretty sure is incurable. Maybe arrestable, improvable, forgivable, tweakable, redeemable-but it will be a struggle to keep it from killing me.

I titled my blog Soul-Selfie because I have spent way too many years taking “pictures” of other people’s souls. Now it’s time to turn the focus on myself. In doing this, I share my broken parts with you and have come to find out that I am not the only soul out there that is severely blurry, touched up, and often an outer misrepresentation of what’s really going on inside.

The good news is two-fold: You are not alone. There is hope.

We can be broken together.

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