“I’ll be peace”

In the 90’s there was a movie that came out called “What About Bob?” Anyone seen it? I saw it approximately 5 times, at the dollar theatre, in college. And I have probably seen it at least 5 more times at home and with my kids since then. One of my favorite scenes is whenContinue reading ““I’ll be peace””

Peaceful protest:It’s time to fight

A few months back I bought tickets for my husband and i to see a comedian in St. Louis this weekend. How could we have known that it would fall the day after a white police officer in that area was acquitted for shooting an African American teenager several years back? We ate a leisurely,Continue reading “Peaceful protest:It’s time to fight”

“”Peace on Earth”-For Real?

After approximately 40 years of Christmas Sermons and reading banners or singing songs declaring “Peace on Earth”, I finally get it (thank you punk-kid preacher from this past Sunday. I  say “punk-kid” in the most complimentary way possible. He looked about 17). Because, seriously, who are we kidding if we believe that God indeed broughtContinue reading ““”Peace on Earth”-For Real?”

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