12 thoughts on “prayer need

  1. Yes, praying specifically for this. Over and over God shows me how much He delights in answering specific prayers! I will be praying sister and continue to lift you up to the Great Physician:)
    Believing that this too is POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

  2. I am praying, as is my church and I’ve put you on the 700 Club prayer chain also. God can do this!

  3. From my friend George (and now yours) in Moscow….I hope that your friend will beat this disease like a flower that survives in the snow storm and blooms after this in spring. Love, sonnet

  4. We ALL are still praying for you Heather, we will never forget you and of course God shall never either. You are being wrapped in God’s mercy and protection by all of our prayers in his infinite wisdom and power!

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