Today is Different…

Most of the time I write when I have had some sort of revelation or feel inspired to share something new I’ve learned. Today is different….I am struggling to embrace the truths I have read about this morning. Words that I believe were meant for me directly on this very day. Usually I am all about soaking up a message that I know without a doubt has arrived at the perfect, God-ordained time. I can meditate on it and absorb it like a fresh glass of water on a blazing-hot day. But like I said-today is different. I feel frozen with the very truths I just read about: FEAR AND DISCOURAGEMENT. I have no more good reasons for allowing these in to my soul today than I did a few days ago. But for some reason I have let these “intruders” into my heart’s home and they are making my living environment extremely uncomfortable and threatening. In the popular book of Deuteronomy (😉), 31:8 it says “the Lord Himself goes before you and with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be AFRAID. Do not be DISCOURAGED.” He has made it clear that fear and discouragement are unwelcomed guests in our hearts. It is not their rightful home. They are intruders. Sarah Young says to “check your heart from time to time to see if fear and discouragement are loitering there.” Not only have these two fiends been loitering in my heart, they are vandalizing it. They are running amuck because I haven’t been asking for God’s help with removing them. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been suggesting it-but for some reason am struggling with the guts to ask boldly.

In reading that verse in Deuteronomy, which I have heard dozens of times throughout my life, I realized I’v never really “heard” the whole verse for what it was. Somehow I have neglected to embrace the promise that not only is God WITH me, but He also goes BEFORE me…at the same time. He is omniPRESENT. That means He can be with me and ahead of me simultaneously. When He is right beside me, comforting and guiding me, He does it knowing full well what is ahead of me. Somehow that comforts me in a way I haven’t allowed it to before. I can rest assured that His presence is available at this very moment and that He is already a part of what is coming. So I can trust that my present circumstances are just as they should be (ridding me of that hoodlum, discouragement) and that what is coming is part of a Devine plan (ridding me of that thief, fear).

Now I am going to sit in stillness until I believe and act on this…wanna join me?

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  1. I found an anonymous note on my desk shortly after being diagnosed with cancer several years ago. It read, “Don’t worry about tomorrow; God is already there.” That message has never left me and now it has scripture as its companion. Thanks, Heather, for your beautiful and thoughtful words.

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