Heather speaks….

hi friends. Day 4 of being home. No more walker. Hallelujah. Feeling  great today. We go to Barnes tomorrow for bone marrow transplant consultation. Have to be there at 8. Bright side? At least I don’t have to do my hair!  Please pray one of my siblings will be a match so we can get this party started.  More than likely I will be back in hospital for round 2 of chemo next week (3-5 days). We feel so loved by those of you we know and love and even “to the ends of the earth” by those who we have never even met.  There are not words to express how overwhelming that is. Please don’t stop praying. On a superficial…thanks to my mom and rob and carol first for helping me pick out a couple wigs yesterday ( I can’t believe I am saying those words…).  We had a couple options….which one do you think I chose? image image image image

16 thoughts on “Heather speaks….

  1. Love that new hairdo!!! So cute!
    You are amazing and handling this with such grace. Praying for all of you all of the time! Much love!

  2. Which wig? Well of course – you look good in any wig. Thanks for the update. My Heather here in Joplin and I continue to pray for you, your husband, family and the medical folks working with you.

  3. Hallelujah that your home, even for a little while. The wig looks great! I love the white one, too bad you can’t have one of every color! I’m very thankful for your updates. I hate being so far away! You are in my prayers throughout my day and night. I’m trusting God for a miracle! He’s really good at that! He heals, I’ve seen it and believe it! Keep your eyes on Him and surround yourself with positive people and fill your mind with God’s Promises. Listen to lots of great praise music. God is in the midst of praise. I love the scripture that says that He sings over us. That’s an amazing thing! Love and lots of prayers, Denise (your favorite Cousin)

  4. So good to hear you are feeling better. You look great. I prefer the brown wig, but hey whatever you like is good. I pray for you at least daily and it’s so great to get the updates and know exactly what to pray for as you go through this journey. Please give your parents and in-laws my love too. Madaleine Dowd

  5. LOVE the one of you outside in a jacket!!!! Would NEVER guess it was a wig. Hair color looks great on you…rock it, sister!!!! Much love and prayer to your fam from ours! 😘

  6. Oh My goodness Heather. You look absolutely beautiful. Had never know you are fighting a battle and that’s not your hair. Same beautiful face and smile. Praying for a match in the family.

  7. Praying for a perfect match and continued healing. You look fabulous, as always! Glad you stayed blonde — it looks very natural. Keep your light shining — that is what makes you beautiful!

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