Grow Up!

Since I started writing my Blog, several people have asked me if I have always wanted to write or have previously done any writing. My answer is an emphatic , “absolutely not!”. I actually never enjoyed writing, or reading for that matter, because I am ultimately an extrovert. It’s hard to read or write withContinue reading “Grow Up!”

Pain…the gift nobody wants

So, I have a cold and I FEEL like I have a cold. I consider this a good sign that my white blood cells are doing their job and that we are still “kickingleukemiainthebutt”.  I typically have to take my temperature frequently to make sure I don’t have a fever, indicating that I have anContinue reading “Pain…the gift nobody wants”


I “came to” in ICU on March 1st after being semi-unconscious and intubated for about a week. I remember it very distinctly, though my perception of reality was most likely not very accurate. I didn’t remember going to ICU or WHY I was in there. I didn’t see anyone in the room that I recognized.Continue reading “REVOLUTION TIME…”

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