Let there be light

I should warn you, that I am going to try to explain some principles of physics in this post. The warning is mostly for those of you who understand physics, because this is going to be a little more like “Physics For Dummies.” Maybe an apology would be more appropriate for what’s to follow. HereContinue reading “Let there be light”

“Keep coming back”

Over the years, I have heard from several people who attend recovery groups that a common refrain at their meetings is “keep coming back.” It’s often said after a newcomer shares a bit of their story and even more often, after anyone at all expresses their exasperation, frustration or despair about their ability to successfullyContinue reading ““Keep coming back””

Going back to Cali

Before we get going, if it’s been a minute since you read my previous blog on resentments, kindly go back and prepare yourself for the “rest of the story” to come. Ready? OK. They found it. The remnant. The teensy tiny bit of ovary left in my adorable cat, Cali , when she was spayed.Continue reading “Going back to Cali”

“Off the Wagon”

It’s already 4:00 in the afternoon. As a general rule I am fresher and more motivated to write in the mornings. But not today. Last night I “fell off the Wagon.” Anyone else have a Wagon? There are very bumpy and susceptible to potholes and inclement road conditions. You really do have be paying prettyContinue reading ““Off the Wagon””

“Touch Red”

It’s been awhile since we have explored the lessons I learned working at a Special Ed Pre-School. In case you are new to my blog, I have a series of entries about how “Everything I Need to Know I can learn in Special-Ed Pre School.” I feel like I should make a disclaimer before IContinue reading ““Touch Red””

Today’s the Day

Today’s the day. A day my friend and I have been talking and dreaming about for 20 years. I am presently on an airplane heading to Napa Valley with one of my oldest friends (as in, “been friends for 20 years” old ). After one has a terminal disease, one realizes that life is tooContinue reading “Today’s the Day”

“Live like you were dying”

I’ve been holding on to these stories for a few months. I didn’t really know how to make it something that would help anyone but me, until now. So, before I tell you what I came up with, let me tell you a few stories about how I thought I was going to die: ThisContinue reading ““Live like you were dying””

Pain…the gift nobody wants

So, I have a cold and I FEEL like I have a cold. I consider this a good sign that my white blood cells are doing their job and that we are still “kickingleukemiainthebutt”.  I typically have to take my temperature frequently to make sure I don’t have a fever, indicating that I have anContinue reading “Pain…the gift nobody wants”

God and Heather officially kick Leukemia in the butt!!!!!

And all of YOU who have been  praying and praying!!! I got my results back from Washington State regarding my bone marrow biopsy-NO NEED FOR A BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT!!! Hopefully one more round of Chemo and call it a day ( with a lot of monitoring and tracking for awhile). There is “NO morphologic evidence ofContinue reading “God and Heather officially kick Leukemia in the butt!!!!!”

“You too?”

What a refreshing, relieving feeling I have experienced when I hear someone share a hurt, a sorrow, a struggle, a fear, a secret with which I could identify whole-heartedly. “You too? I thought I was the only one…” My new friend Lanny is a patient with AML who I met when i came into theContinue reading ““You too?””

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