The gratitude hierarchy

It seems like every time I turn around I am hearing someone talk about making a gratitude list. I think it’s a great idea, but as I have admitted in the past, I have had a mental block about how to create one in a way that actually helps me access the “feels” that comeContinue reading “The gratitude hierarchy”

Unpacking GIVING Unpacking GIVINGWhat are we giving? Grief, a hard time, trouble or grace, compliments, thanks, appreciation, or something else that lifts others with encouragement?Romans 15 v 4 And the Scriptures were written to teach and encourage us by GIVING us hope. GIVINGGets to the heart of lifeInvites us to share selfValid, whatever isContinue reading “Unpacking GIVING”

Unpacking THANK YOU Unpacking THANK YOUThese are the two perfect words when getting a compliment for doing something someone appreciates. Nothing more, nothing less. not to diminish and not to accept with any overconfidence or gloating. Also, two great words when showing appreciation for the effort seen by someone else that impacts our day. EphesiansContinue reading “Unpacking THANK YOU”

Unpacking GRANTED

When you think of GRANTED what comes to mind? Maybe being taking or taken for? Or maybe received as a gift?In this episode, Bruce and Heather unpack the two ways this word can impact our lives.GRANTEDGreedy | GratefulRegardless | RespectedAssumed | AppreciatedNarcissistic | Not but for GraceTaken as owed | ThankfulExpected | EmbracedDemanded | DeeplyContinue reading “Unpacking GRANTED”

Unpacking PAUSE

Often we don’t realize how fast we are going. Often we can be overwhelmed without knowing how or why.Let’s take a moment and PAUSE. It’s not easy but oh so important and can change and even save a life.How? Try this.Unpacking PAUSEPush that button every so oftenAcknowledge we are WORTHYUnleash the pressure of our ownContinue reading “Unpacking PAUSE”

Unpacking ALWAYS


November 2, 2022 When I woke up this morning, the day I was to fly home from a week of vacation in Las Vegas with family, my first thought was that I was ready. Ready to get back to a regular schedule and regular life. My second thought was a reminder to myself, having experiencedContinue reading “Berkeley”


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