“When is enough enough?”

My yoga meditation for today was “today I am ENOUGH, and I trust you with my future”. Mine are always some sort of reminder to “get God in there” as I start my day. This one is particularly powerful for me at Christmastime, a time when I feel sub-par in multiple areas. Maybe you haveContinue reading ““When is enough enough?””


This is a post I wrote two years ago. I am itching to write this morning but baking and family are calling for my attention. So, here is some food for thought today. And its fat and calorie free…because if you are like me, you will need that margin as you graze and gorge forContinue reading ““Thanksgetting””

Life On Life’s Terms

When I was 18 I followed a boy from my home in Napa, California to go to school in Joplin, Missouri. That last sentence might confirm in you what you have been suspecting all along; Heather is nuts. I looked it up this morning and that is a distance of exactly 1,865 miles. Not onlyContinue reading “Life On Life’s Terms”

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