Unpacking OVER

https://anchor.fm/canihaveawordwithyou/episodes/Unpacking-OVER-e1us7fb https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/can-i-have-a-word-with-you/id1628668707?i=1000599478582 https://open.spotify.com/episode/1Lhs0cI57MbNacQ0AdYXRr?si=qEUpiLoIRNi01wYM9P25Yg On Top. Who is in charge of your life? Who are you in charge of?Very done. “I am over it!”Everything is complete. It’s over now. You can move on. Reflection. Look back. What did you learn. How did you grow? How can you do it different in the future? How did you seeContinue reading “Unpacking OVER”

Unpacking ALWAYS

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/can-i-have-a-word-with-you/id1628668707?i=1000596206170 https://open.spotify.com/episode/3qt4UZQlMCBUikQi1yAhjN?si=kzrZD-uiS_mlpznUXgeBCg https://anchor.fm/canihaveawordwithyou/episodes/Unpacking-ALWAYS-e1tedft


November 2, 2022 When I woke up this morning, the day I was to fly home from a week of vacation in Las Vegas with family, my first thought was that I was ready. Ready to get back to a regular schedule and regular life. My second thought was a reminder to myself, having experiencedContinue reading “Berkeley”

Even If He Does Not…

This entry is unique because I am typing it after the fact. I wrote it out the other day. I had thoughts that needed to come out on paper and I didn’t have access to a device. My thoughts came much faster than my hand was able to write, so please be gracious if itContinue reading “Even If He Does Not…”

Me Too

I was driving down the street, worrying, fretting and feeling overwhelmed with life in general, when out of nowhere I heard a voice. I was pretty sure it wasn’t God’s voice because the message wasn’t very nice. I heard it loud and clear: “I liked you better when you had cancer.” Before I could answer,Continue reading “Me Too”

Scary Stories

I am about to reveal some frightening things about myself. You’ve been warned. They are pretty embarrassing to put on paper, but I feel like they illustrate a point worth making, so I will sacrifice my reputation to help us all learn something (and I feel like it’s only fair to let you know whatContinue reading “Scary Stories”

Easy Does It

Is it weird to say that I am excited that today I get to reflect on my Leukemia days?  Probably. But nevertheless… Back when I had Leukemia (shout out to God that i can say “had”), I had a pic-line in my arm for administering meds and chemo and for taking out my blood forContinue reading “Easy Does It”


I wish i had some other literature to back up these principles I am about to throw out there. But, alas, I think I will just ramble for a bit and see if anything profound comes to  mind. When I have to go looking for “readings” to support what I feel God leading me toContinue reading ““Re-Purpose””

Strapped Down?

I’m back  in the hospital.  I’ve already cheered up the place with my lights and party swirls hanging from the ceiling.  I have no choice really. The nurses expect it and are disappointed when there is no ambiance. I have nurses and techs who aren’t even assigned to me who come by just to feelContinue reading “Strapped Down?”

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